5 Galentine’s Ideas


There are some who question the validity of Galentine’s. But to the naysayers, I say, why not have a holiday to celebrate friendship? It is certainly better than National Pizza or Donut day. So what if it was only invented 10 years ago. Your friends are a very important part of your life and why not dedicate a special day to them. The execution is up to you. Do you feel comfortable being socially distant and seeing someone live or would you rather do something over Zoom? Are you going to get done up for you lady friends or is this a PJ party? The trick is to be creative, make it easy, and make it fun. Your lovely ladies will love it.

Here are 5 ideas for you to get together with your friends.

Send Flowers

Who doesn’t like flowers? It doesn’t have to be a special occasion to send flowers. They don’t have to mean love they can also mean…I am thinking about you! Send a heartfelt message along with it and it will go a long way.

Send Chocolates

What is your favorite chocolate? Even if you can’t get your favorite chocolate delivered, you can even go and pick up a candy bar from a gas station. Hey, my mom always says, ‘It’s the thought that counts.’ So, go ahead and write a card and make your friends feel special and appreciated.

Send a bottle of wine

How about a bottle of bubbly to liven up the mood? Champagne or sparkling wine will set the mood to party. Don’t like Champagne, how about a bottle of Pinot Noir?

Send takeout

What is your favorite spot to order from? How about you order for a new place and everyone can try it out for the first time. Consider it an indoor adventure that you can share with your special ladies.

Vulnerability Test

When you share your thoughts, feelings and emotions, you build toward a deeper friendship. What is something that you never told anyone? What is something that you wish people knew about you? What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken?