Top Tips For Summer Travel 2022


Now that most borders are open and welcoming travelers, the term ‘revenge travel’ is trending. It refers to making up for the lost time when the world was on lockdown and restricted movement. Revenge travel encourages more travel, and with summer approaching, you will see more people flying to different locations for vacations.

Taking advantage of the weather in various locations is great. Most places have sunny warm weather during summer, opening opportunities for beach lounging and other adventures. If you are joining the ranks of many to head for a summer trip out of the country, there are a few things to note before you can depart.

If there is anything the pandemic and current political unrest have taught us, it is that you need to be safe no matter where you are. Anything can happen while you are on vacation. Therefore, you must plan your trip and keep up with a few travel tips this summer.

The information below is a collection of valuable and practical summer 2022 travel tips to help you enjoy your vacation. It is important to follow these tips to avoid threats during your trip. So before you can take off, ensure you go through the list.

Avoid spontaneity and plan

Being spontaneous is fun, and it can often lead you to great adventures beyond your expectations. But it does not always work. You could receive the short end of the stick, ruining your experience with one inconvenience after another.

Therefore, while being spontaneous worked well before, 2022 demands proper and thorough planning. There are multiple things at risk since many countries are dealing with inflation as part of the effects of the Covid pandemic. Similarly, fuel prices are significantly up, affecting multiple aspects of travel. Therefore, you need to plan out your summer trip well.

And when we talk about planning, we mean every part of it. Figure out how you will spend each day, constituting time and money. Always ensure you have extra cash for each day in case of emergencies. Above all else, ensure you have a means back home, especially if you have to leave suddenly.

Meticulous planning involves extensive research so take your time doing this; summer will last a few months.

Book everything in advance

This is an integral part of planning that we need to emphasize separately. Booking in advance is always a good idea, especially because more people will be traveling this summer. Therefore, you need to ensure you book everything or most things before leaving.

Car rentals in many countries are experiencing high demand due to shortage. Therefore, if you need a rental vehicle, set it up as early as possible. The same goes for your hotel rooms and Airbnb rentals. Most importantly, secure your travel tickets.

When booking, ensure you read the fine print, especially the cancelation policies. Cancellation policies stipulate refunds and other regulations depending on when and how you cancel your bookings. Read up to plan accordingly.

Carry and wear masks plus hand sanitizer

Remember, we are still in a pandemic. Just because borders have opened up does not mean Covid is completely off the grid. Various countries still have active cases, and you could get the disease as you travel. Therefore, you should carry face masks and sanitizers.

In addition, some countries still have mask-wearing regulations in public places. Therefore, it is best to be safe than sorry before you travel.

If you use specific brands of masks and sanitizer, ensure you purchase and pack a good supply from home. Your destination may not have the particular brand.

Get vaccinated and ensure you test negative

Another important thing to do is get tested for the virus and then get vaccinated. Many countries have strict rules about entering their borders without first testing negative for Covid or getting fully vaccinated. Anyone visiting the country will likely get a Covid screening, and the results determine if you can enter the country.

Therefore, book your test and vaccinations in good time. You may experience some symptoms after the vaccinations, so do not book it too closely to your departure date so you can enjoy your time. Besides following regulations, getting tested and vaccinated is beneficial to you and others. You will be protected against the virus while preventing its spread.

Carry specific sun protection

Another key tip for traveling in summer is carrying sun protection. Temperatures get high, and since you will have maximum sun exposure, you need to protect your skin from sunburns and other threats. And you can do this with sun-protecting items.

First, ensure you bring sunscreen from home. If you are picky or particular about the type of sunscreen you use, ensure that you purchase the right one from home and get extra bottles. Your destination may not have the specifics. Always wear sunscreen when you go out.

Also, bring a pair of UV-protecting sunglasses to protect your eyes and face. You can carry an extra pair in case you lose the first one. Ensure that they block out UV rays. And always bring sunhats, caps, visors, and any other headdress to shield your face from the sun.

Research European countries

There is political unrest in some European countries, but it should not force you to skip Europe. Most countries are fine, safe, and welcoming to visitors.

You can travel confidently. But if you are still worried, it does not hurt to thoroughly search the country’s political state and stance on the ongoing issue. You can also read recent travel reviews to understand if the country faces problems due to the conflict.

Get the right health insurance

And lastly, ensure that you get the right health insurance that can take care of you as your travel. The threat is not just Covid; you could also be dealing with monkeypox. Even the flu or a stomach ache could take a toll on your body.

Even as you strive to remain safe, ensure you have good health insurance before leaving for the trip. Ask your current provider about their policies on travel and how they can apply if you are in a foreign country. And with that, you are ready for summer travel!