Is Tequila Soda healthy?


Once you hit 40, there is a drink that you will often hear at a bar. Vodka soda! But don’t go with the crowd, because after all, you are a more interesting person. Let me introduce you to a more refreshing and healthier cousin….Tequila Soda. What you ask? Tequila is healthy? Yes, tequila has fewer calories than vodka and the natural sugars in Tequila, called Agavins, are indigestible and therefore act as fiber. So, when enjoyed in moderation–moderation being the operative word–tequila can be part of a weight loss plan. Other reported benefits of tequila are that it aids in digestion, is good for bones, can help you sleep, and even numbs pain.

So on a hot day, mix 1 oz tequila, 3 oz of soda, ice and lime. Remember to stir lightly so all the bubbles don’t fly away. Lastly, you can substitute lime for orange, grapefruit or tangerine or, better yet, why not make your own combination?

So move over vodka, tequila is the new game in town.