Meet noteworthy LA-based photographer Florian Borgeat


We are proud to introduce a noteworthy Los Angeles-based photographer to you, Florian Borgeat.

Florian is a swiss-born photographer with over 30 years of experience photographing exceptional sports stars, musicians, performers, and other anonymous models.

In Switzerland, he began taking action shots of skiers and snowboarders in his small mountain town. His photographs were even selected to be in several prominent online and print magazines for all to see.

He took his experience and truly flourished as he began a new adventure in the city of Los Angeles. There, he began capturing famous personalities such as, Philip Bynoe, NBC’s “The Voice” drummer Nate Morton, former Miss Philippines Krista Kleiner, singers Lorenna, Velia Kalypso, Kathrin Jakob.

What sets him apart from many of his contemporaries is the genuine passion he has for the individual, often asking them how they wish the world to perceive them. He takes their answer and helps them manifest the parts of themselves they wish to reveal in the portraits.

This then translates into very distinct pictures that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they convey a specific emotion or mood that the viewer can relate to. The viewer truly gets a peek into the secret lives of the model’s world. We believe he captures the subjects in meaningful but fleeting moments.

“In the end, no matter the camera, what matters to me is that the viewer feels something different than what he was feeling a minute ago, to be distracted from the day, or to let him realize how we are all connected.” The relationship between a model and a photographer is always special and original. No two photographers capture the same essence of a person’s being. Florian displays his subjects the way they wish to be seen by the world, rather than the way he wishes to present them.

He extracts something in his photographs that is more than skin deep. Therefore, each person gets to be authentic. It’s refreshing and is reminiscent of the great artists of the past that inspired Florian’s work.

The work of Florian Borgeat has always been split between classic art and modern technology. “I started shooting freestyle skiers and snowboarders. For this, the better the camera the easier it was, as they would offer fast continuous shooting, quick autofocus, …”. “But if you really want to learn photography, I’d suggest spending some time in a museum, looking at the 18th Century Flemish masters. They were the masters at using the light to their advantage and we still mimic their techniques nowadays, only on digital supports.”

Being in charge of a photoshoot requires not only artistic capabilities but also interpersonal skills that the most talented professionals know how to employ. Having a blend of these skills helps him keep the model comfortable, which translates into very unique images. Florian is truly remarkable and well appreciated for this ability.

With all of his experience and inspired work, Florian wishes to continue exploring the bounds of photographic arts by delving further into remote photography. The recent isolation has sparked a need for this new technology, so people can be photographed in an environment where they are most comfortable.

Florian’s body of work moves us to appreciate the humanity in each and every soul as he uses his distinctive abilities to spark compassion and vulnerability. We can’t wait to see what he does next.

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