Top 10 Los Angeles Restaurants


Los Angeles, California is stocked full of great places to visit, a variety of restaurants, and plenty to do because the weather is always great. So whether it is a weekend away or a long vacation, we’ve got you covered. Los Angeles is an incredibly diverse place and its food scene reflects this with an endless variety of food and restaurant choices.

But where do you start? We took the time to give you some great suggestions that will take you off the beaten path and find some gems in Los Angeles. We uncovered the top 10 Los Angeles restaurants as well as the price range for each, helping to narrow down your next restaurant choice.

We will break down our Top 10 Los Angeles Restaurant guide by price to help guide your decision:

$ Least Expensive
$$ Moderately Expensive
$$$ Most Expensive

Budget-Friendly Los Angeles Restaurant Options

Flake | $

As you travel around Los Angeles, you will need a place to start your day off with a filling and scrumptious breakfast. Flake is a breakfast focused restaurant that offers breakfast sandwiches, burritos, as well as plenty of coffee options to choose from.

Flake also has plenty of options for every type of diet, ensuring everyone in your party is taken care of and has exactly what they need.

Katsu Sando | $

Katsu Sando is located in Chinatown and brings in people from miles around to try their delicious Sando. You may be wondering what in the world Katsu Sando is and why you should try it. Katsu Sando is a sandwich that is typically made from a Japanese cutlet of meat, Katsu, as well as a shortened name for a sandwich, Sando.

At Katsu Sando, you can buy a sandwich for a reasonable price of $10-$12 dollars and even decide to splurge and try their very own Wagyu Sando which typically goes for $85 dollars. No matter what you want to try at Katsu Sando, you are sure to try new foods that will leave you coming back for more.

Karl Strauss Brewing Company | $

Karl Strauss Brewing Company has so much more than their delicious beer, offering you plenty of menu options to sit back, relax, and enjoy every bit of your night. Los Angeles is full of restaurants that have immense character, and Karl Strauss is definitely one of them.

Grab an appetizer to snack on, choose a refreshing salad, or get a full entree to enjoy while you sip on one of Karl Strauss many beer offerings.

Moderately Priced Los Angeles Restaurant Options

Raffaello Ristorante | $$

If you are in the mood for Italian food, then Raffaello Ristorante has a menu with everything you need. Raffaello’s offers a variety of meat options including veal, chicken, and fish, and has plenty of dishes to accompany any night out on the town.

After you finish your main entree make sure to leave plenty of room for dessert because Raffaellos has plenty to enjoy. With offerings such as lemon sorbet offered in a lemon shell and multiple flavors of gelato, you will want to enjoy a dessert before you head home for the night.

Mercado Hollywood | $$

Mercado Hollywood is on the Top 10 list for Los Angeles Restaurants because of its immense offering of Mexican cuisine that will leave your mouth watering. You can start your night off with a one of a kind cocktail and then grab an appetizer dip duo to sit back and enjoy great conversation with your family and friends.

Mercado Hollywood also offers a brunch menu that includes Bloody Marys, Mimosas, as well as delicious breakfast tacos to start your day off right.

Brents Deli | $$

If you are looking for home cooking and a family atmosphere then Brents Deli is the place to go. Brents offers everything from down to earth breakfast meals to sandwiches and everything in between.

Brents Deli was founded by a family and continues to treat everyone that walks through their door like their family as well. Grab your family and friends and head to Brents Deli to enjoy plenty of hospitality and delicious food.

Cafe Gratitude | $$

Cafe Gratitude is a unique restaurant that’s sole purpose is to remind you to be grateful and express gratitude and they do so in a variety of ways. Cafe Gratitude uses fresh food from local farmers and sustainable farms and creates their menus based on ingredients that cultivate gratitude.

Cafe Gratitude also offers a plant-based menu that uses fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers. Their menu offers brunch and dinner options and has plenty of meals to choose from.

High-End Los Angeles Restaurant Options

The Maccheroni Republic | $$$

The Maccheroni Republic is a one of a kind Italian restaurant that offers you an incredible atmosphere with homemade pasta of all types. Grab yourself a fresh homemade pasta or venture out and try a daily special such as octopus.

No matter what you try at the Maccheroni Republic, you will have no questions as to why it made our top 10 Los Angeles Restaurant list because of its atmosphere and homemade food. Maccheroni Republic also earned a Michelin in 2019, which should tell you that it truly is a stand out restaurant that you must try.

Providence | $$$

As you drive by Providence, the architecture and design alone will have you pulling over to try it out. Providence is a top of the line restaurant that will serve you one of a kind mouth-watering dishes.

This incredible seafood-focused restaurant has been added to many lists, including the Top 50 Restaurants in America. Grab your friends and head out for an incredible night at Providence where you can order the Chefs Tasting Menu and more. On the Chefs Tasting Menu is a variety of decadent and delicious seafood items all accompanied by a wine pairing, making for a night you will always remember.

N/Naka | $$$

Los Angeles has plenty of restaurants to satisfy everyone’s palette, including a Michelin star restaurant that creates sushi unlike any other. N/Naka offers you multiple menu options, all of which are tastings and pairings that have a menu stocked full of mouth-watering bites.

You can choose from the Modern Kaiseki that offers 13 courses for you to taste every aspect that N/Naka has to offer. They also offer a Vegetarian dinner that has 13 courses for you and your family to enjoy as well. You can even add on a Sake pairing to your dinner, allowing you to immerse yourself into the entire N/Naka experience.


Los Angeles, California has an endless amount of things to do as well as plenty of food options for the entire family to enjoy. We curated a list of the Top 10 Los Angeles Restaurants to help guide your next dinner choice based on price, diet, as well as what you and your family are craving. No matter where you head to grab a bite to eat in the LA area, you are sure to find food that tells a story of the culturally diverse city of Los Angeles.