Best Drinks for the Month


After April showers, the month of May is here. This is the month to be outdoors and enjoy a drink with your friends. But what should you serve? It’s hard to make a wrong choice with drinks in the warmer weather. Here are a few suggestions, catering to your guests’ tastes:

Cucumber Basil Gimlet: This refreshing drink is great for those who want an herbal flavor. With cucumber and mint mingling with lime and gin, it’s an ideal drink for the transitioning seasons.

Frozen Margarita: Margaritas are a summer staple. But with the fresh taste of freshly picked cucumber, lime, and salt in place of tequila, this frozen margarita is a wonderful option for those who want to keep the party going.


Margarita Float: For those who like slight twists on traditional drinks, the frozen margarita float is for you. These frozen margaritas are a great way to get a refreshing drink into the changing weather.


Mixed Berry Lemonade: For those who want a little more zing in their lemonade, try this mixed berry lemonade with an herbal flavor and mint. The color of this fruit drink is also very eye-catching especially when served in a large glass pitcher or punch bowl.


If beer is more your think, I recommend these beers:

-Blue Moon Belgian White: This wheat beer is made with orange peel giving it a unique flavor, making it a great choice for those who want something less bitter and more refreshing.

-Maui Brewing Co. Bikini Blonde Lager: With a clean, crisp taste, this blonde lager is light enough to have often but tasty enough to satisfy the most discerning beer drinker.